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Cut the Scrap with smartPAK

With 1,500 feet of cable in each box, versus standard 1,000 ft boxes, smartPAK delivers the convenience and ease of use of a traditional pull-box with the additional benefits of 50% more cable.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Since the adoption of PoE in 2003, the ability to power IP devices has proven very cost-effective for customers. Today we are powering more devices than ever before through PoE technology, and as IP convergence advances, so too will PoE. Learn more about PoE.

What's a CA Score?

To accommodate bandwidth expansion you need cabling that offers the ideal balance between delivering data AND power. This requires a new way of testing and evaluating cabling performance. Nexans’ Converged Application (CA) score defines how the cabling network’s performance will affect the user’s experience. Learn more about the CA Score.