Direct Attach Solutions

A field installed plug-to-horizontal cable solution, the direct attach termination method eliminates workstation outlets and patch cords at the device end. Berk-Tek provides a warranty for direct attach, backed by third-party verified testing.

Powering Remote Devices: OneReach

With integrated power and data, OneReach extends PoE and PoE+ far beyond traditional limitations. OneReach enables you to easily realize all the benefits of simplification and cost-effectiveness of PoE and PoE+ in installation environments that exceed the standard distance limitations of Ethernet. Plus, with Gigabit Ethernet capability, OneReach extends the options for supporting remotely located data intensive applications such as wireless access points.

The COASIS Program

The Berk-Tek COASIS program is designed specifically to address component compatibility and installation variables in the structured cabling system and deliver guaranteed end-to-end system performance. At its core, COASIS utilizes Berk-Tek’s premier LANmark™ series of UTP cables and our premium fiber optic technology in concert with connectivity provided by the world’s leading vendors. Carefully matched and qualified through extensive research and testing, every solution provides guaranteed total channel performance and unmatched flexibility by Berk-Tek through the COASIS program.